Course Description

1) Contextual Religion (UNU1101), first semester, 3 Credits
Compulsory university courses aim to form students who are devoted to God Almighty so that they
can show religious attitudes and can see sociocultural phenomena from a spiritual perspective and
vice versa. This course utilises the lecture method, problem-based learning, discussion, with an
introduction to the Indonesian language and evaluation in the form of structured assignments,
papers, and portfolios.

2) Pancasila and Citizenship Education (UNU1202), second semester, 3 Credits
Compulsory university courses that aim to shape students to behave: uphold human values in
carrying out their duties based on morals and ethics; contribute to improving the quality of life in
society, nation, state and civilisation based on Pancasila; act as citizens who are proud and love their
homeland, have nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the country and nation; cooperate and
have social sensitivity and concern for society and the environment; obey the law in the life of the
community and the state, by utilising the lecture method, discussion, problem-based learning,
collaborative learning with Indonesian language introduction and evaluation in the form of portfolios
and papers. read more