Community Service, Campus Young Da’i Development

Located in building A, room 206, the participants of community service majoring in the Arabic Study Program were engrossed in the presentation of material from the speakers. The first speaker was Maulin Ni’am, S.Sos. With the topic of public speaking: as a provision for students to empower the community, Maulin Ni’am conveyed how to become a good public speaker, especially in the Community Service Program. Various appreciations in the form of questions to the speakers also enlivened the first material.
The second material is the “true and interesting sermon” delivered by Dr Amir Ma’ruf, as someone who has researched sermons and also someone who has practised sermons, Dr Amir, can provide a clear explanation of the sermon and also make it interesting for the sermon material at the continuation of the event to be practised.
The last material is “Good TPA Management” for this material Muhammad Farih, S.S who is a competent TPA teacher gives material in a relaxed dialogue, many participants then express their problems related to matters related to TPA because many participants are already involved in the landfill world.
The event then continued with the practice of sermons and the management of the TPA which was attended by the participants with great enthusiasm.